Variable Temperature and Capacity Control.

Providing up to 34% energy savings in both cooling and heating mode

KX VRF Redesigned with Variable Temperature and Capacity Control

    The VTCC is a newly developed energy saving function designed by MHI.

    A new feature to all our KXZ ranges which provides up to 34%* energy savings in both cooling and heating mode.

    VTCC is a function specifically designed to maximise energy savings in partial load conditions throughout all seasons.

*34% energy savings are based on comparison with a KXZ standard model with VTCC vs. a KXZ standard model both under partial load condition.

Energy saving operation (i.e in cooling mode)

VTCC adjusts the target pressure of the refrigerant cycle in the outdoor unit automatically according to the demand of the indoor units in partial load conditions. These smooth adjustments ensure an optimal capacity usage of the indoor units as well as maximised energy savings. Ultimately this also increases comfort for the user.

For example, in partial load conditions where you have low cooling and heating requirements, VTCC reduces the compressor frequency and controls the actuators in the outdoor unit. Overall with the VTCC functionality you will always have an additional energy saving of up to 34% (depending on configuration and usage of system) in low cooling and heating load requirements.

Network Overview

Simplicity in installation with the highly sophisticated Superlink-II control system.

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Line Up

Connecting up to 80 indoor units depending on model and offering up to 92 models.

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MHI offers a wide range of control options for the KXZ system to suit any application.

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Vision 2030

Dedicated to supporting global sustainability by offering the most energy-efficient air-conditioning.

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