Key Features.

New and improved product line up

Connectability Improved Efficiency Flexible Pipe Peak Cut Control Scroll Compressor STOP Function E-Solution

New and Improved 60 HP Lineup

The new KXZ product lineup has been extended to offer solutions delivering up to 60 horsepower (60HP) when using a combination of 3 outdoor units. Furthermore with the addition of the new Hi-COP KXZXE1 series, installation options have been greatly increased.

  • Previous Model – Up to 48HP
  • NEW KXZE1 – Up to 60HP
  • KXZXE1 (Hi-COP) – 8-36HP


Large KXZE1 standard units are available up to 200% capacity connection, ranging from 10-34 HP on request.

New and Improved Efficiency

The below graphs highlight the improved efficiencies between the previous KX6 models compared to the KXZE1 standard and Hi-COP models.

Comparison of EER in Cooling Mode

Comparison of COP in Heating Mode

Flexible Pipe Length

  • Greater flexibility of installation
  • Maximum height difference has been increased up to 70m.
  • Maximum piping length between indoor unit and outdoor unit is 160m.

Peak Cut Control

The peak cut function can easily be set on the RC-EX1A control panel. This controls the capacity and provides improved energy savings in the long run. Five-steps of capacity control are available with 100%, 80%, 60%, 40% and 0% settings.

Improved Scroll Compressor

The KXZ has new multiport compressor which includes two additional discharge ports. This optimizes the pressure control within the compressor. The combination of the new multi discharge compressor and the new concentrated winding motor increases the energy efficiency of the compressor in partial load conditions.

This new compressor has proven to be extremely reliable and uses the latest compressor technology.

Priority Operation Mode Rule (KXZ)

The new KXZ has four operation modes:
1. First Unit Operation Mode
– the first unit to operate will set the operation mode
2. Last Unit operation Mode
– the last unit to operate will set the operation mode

3. Majority operation Mode
– the mode selected by the majority of units in operation (whichever greater capacity between the sums of cooling mode and heating mode). The other units in the other mode will go automatically in fan mode.
4. Master Operation Mode
– this is the mode selected by the master unit in operation. The other units in the other mode will go automatically in fan mode.

New Emergency STOP function

The new KXZ has control for emergency stop by external input, i.e. an alarm unit can be connected to the PCB (Printed Circuit Board).
Can be used for leak detection system according to BREEAM.

Improved Heat-exchanger

Strengthened resistance against frost
  • Outdoor heat exchanger has increased efficiency by improving refrigerant distribution.
  • The heat exchangers are now 3 rows deep and have more capacity (for 18HP and 20 HP).
  • Newly designed outdoor unit heat exchanger has a greater surface area and increased volume which equates to greater nominal and seasonal efficiency.
  • The capillary tubes improve distribution of the refrigerant in the heat exchanger whilst at the same time increasing frost resistance.

Easy Selection Tool – E-Solution

E-Solution is a design software tool which includes specification details of the latest KXZ VRF systems. By using E-Solution this simplifies the process and enables engineers to select the most cost-effective and energy efficient mix of indoor units, outdoor units, pipework and controls. Engineers must register and download the E-solution software to ensure they are automatically sent updates as they become available and this can be done by simply visiting

Furthermore it is also developed to cater for the design of two and three pipe systems and specifies appropriate models and sizes. It also generates wiring diagrams and engineering drawings which can be exported to AutoCAD or saved in PDF format. This flexibility enables engineers to print select design information and comprehensive operation and maintenance manuals for presentations to clients. Engineers can also incorporate design information into their own formats and documents for personalised proposals.

Network Overview

Simplicity in installation with the highly sophisticated Superlink-II control system.

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Line Up

Connecting up to 80 indoor units depending on model and offering up to 92 models.

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MHI offers a wide range of control options for the KXZ system to suit any application.

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Vision 2030

Dedicated to supporting global sustainability by offering the most energy-efficient air-conditioning.

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