MHIAE continues to be a company enforced to ensure a sustainable future


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), are unswervingly dedicated to facing the challenges of the future.

MHI are dedicated to supporting global sustainability by offering the most energy-efficient air-conditioning systems. Through our in-depth research and development we are able to incorporate new technologies within our units to maximise their energy efficiency and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

Environmental Impact

MHI recognises the increasing importance of reducing carbon emissions as this is becoming a priority when selecting air and water distribution systems. Furthermore new technologies are constantly being developed to help meet heating and cooling requirements as well as environmental objectives.
The future of our planet rests in the sustained evolution of humankind while caring, with love and responsibility, for all life forms that inhabit it. Therefore MHI will continue to develop new technologies and products and will remain competitive in the market to achieve a sustainable future.

MHI Environmental Vision 2030

Our Technologies, Your Tomorrow

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