Providing up to 34% energy savings in both cooling and heating mode

Controls Network Overview

  • MHI offers simplicity in installation with the highly sophisticated
    Super link – II control system.
  • This offers building owners and occupiers a comprehensive control and management system while providing complete commissioning and service maintenance assistance for installers and service engineers.

  • The Super link – II is an advanced high speed data transmission system which can connect up to 256 indoor units and 48 outdoor units as a network.
  • A wide range of control options are available for the Super link – II network to suit any application large or small, as well as connection to a new or existing building management system.

Network Overview

Simplicity in installation with the highly sophisticated Superlink-II control system.

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Line Up

Connecting up to 80 indoor units depending on model and offering up to 92 models.

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MHI offers a wide range of control options for the KXZ system to suit any application.

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Vision 2030

Dedicated to supporting global sustainability by offering the most energy-efficient air-conditioning.

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